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As FingerNailFixer®, Holly is asked for her opinion on products, issues, processes, and many other things related to the salon industry. Here are some of the things she wanted to share with you and the reasons she feels it is important for you to know about them.

Whisper Air Source Capture System

Aerovex Systems

Whisper Source Capture

A salon air source capture system is used to extract vapors and dust at the source before they are able to enter the breathing zone, then pollutants are pulled through a four-stage filtration system. I personally have the Whisper in my salon as it is a small space and I do mainly natural nail services. Depending on your space and services a different unit may suit you better. Don't hesitate to use the website to book a custom consultation!

CND Logo


Main Salon Nail Line

If you are not familiar with me, you may not be aware that I am an Education Ambassador for CND in addition to being a member of Global Team CND. As such, I feel it is important to practice what you teach, therefore the bulk of nail product used in the salon is CND from PREP and essentials to Shellac and Solar Oil.

IBX and IBX Boost

Famous Names

IBX and IBX Boost

The IBX system is a unique addition to any salon, it offers the ability to aid in growing out damaged nails or nails that are naturally not made to be a healthy foundation for nail coatings. IBX Boost is an amazing gel that does not require buffing, giving natural nail salons an option to offer a slightly stronger level of service to clients without stepping up to enhancements.

Must be licensed or certified to purchase.

Kupa Manipro Passport Teal

Kupa Inc.

Manipro Passport

The e-file I choose to use in the salon is a Kupa Manipro Passport. You can find tutorial videos under #efilechronicles on my YouTube channel for beginners,  I appreciate the flexibility of being able to charge the device then set it on my table without a power cord and the small footprint. Make sure you gather lots of education and practice before using an e-file in the salon. Definitely do some practice on yourself so you know what it feels like and learn how to avoid damaging nails. Remember nail damage is not caused by the tool itself, it is caused by the person wielding the tool!

Soft Landings

Table Towels & Lint Free Wipes

Soft Landings make sense in the salon for me as they are so soft, low lint, and disposable eliminating any concerns of contamination. Another great perk is that they seem to attract glitter which makes for slightly less mess! I love the larger sheet table towels as they cover my full table space plus the arm rest. The 4squares are my other favorite offering from the company because they are a truly lint free option for wiping my brushes or the nails in situations where lint would be detrimental.

Rejuvenate Group of Products

Virox Pro Beauty

Surface & Tool Disinfection

These are the products I use everyday in the salon so I feel comfortable suggesting them to fellow salon professionals. They offer superior technology, high level disinfection, and a lower contact time which I love.

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