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Dazzle Dry Application

Being my first test product, Dazzle Dry has set the bar pretty high. It has two more days to go on the two week wear, so you're going to see one more blog on it at least. This time I have a full application video for you with some tips and tricks that I got from the education, and troubleshooting that I gathered by doing it before I learned the right way to apply it.

A science based nail polish is exactly what I wanted without ever knowing I needed it. The base coat is something that gives Dazzle Dry true bragging rights and should change the consumers’ expectations of polish performance once the word gets out.

The stumbling block that I can see for them is that nail professionals may actually stand in the way of their own success by assuming they know how to polish nails. (Insert that cute little quote about assume right here please ;) The unfortunate truth is that a lot of people in the industry would rather grab a new product, apply it using an old method and judge its performance based on that application. Dazzle Dry has the opportunity to be a household name as a polish if they can convince professionals that the education is worthwhile.

The perk for you as a professional is that to try this product as a system, there is no UV or LED lamp purchase required, the true core components needed are the Nail Prep, base coat, color, and top coat. The other pieces of the system are nice to have, the acetone based lemongrass remover smells amazing and so spa like, it isn’t going to make or break your wear though like the core four. That means this is less risk than a gel polish system to try out, less work to apply and remove, still the key to success is going to be education.

While Dazzle Dry lives in the nail polish category, the more I test and play, the more I feel that it fills a gap in between polish and gel polish for those that don’t want the commitment of gel polish, have healthy enough nails to pull off wearing nail polish, and are willing to do some home care. To test it, I skipped all home care other than wearing gloves to do dishes: no oil, no lotion, lots of hand sanitizer and hand washing, light garden work, average abuse that clients would put them through. This means a properly educated application with home care would yield better wear results.

Let’s reconnect next week for final thoughts. Leave any questions you have in the comments and I will include them in that blog!

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1 Comment

Aug 14, 2020

WOW!! It's clearly very wearable! Dazzle Dry sounds like a real success story already!

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