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Do You E-file on Toes?

If you've been following the Vlog, then you know my newest adventure is using the e-file to remove cuticle. It has been a revelation to me that it can be done without touching the skin if you go slowly and carefully. Making sure the e-file is set on a low speed, and using a bit that won't tear up the skin if you accidentally touch it, are important factors in the process.

The bits I ended up ordering to use in the salon are from Profiles Backstage, the small Buttercup and the Poppy, and it really has made a difference in my times as well as how clean the nail looks in addition to how much closer my polish margin is to the keratinized proximal nail fold! More bits are definitely in my future as my Kupa Manipro Passport is becoming a regular part of all of my services now, even as a mostly natural nail professional.

If you missed it, here is the Vlog where I actually tried out the e-file on toes for the first time using my own toes! Talk about interesting maneuvering LOL

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Allison Stout
Allison Stout
Oct 21, 2021

Im an OG with hand filing and was against efiles for a very long time. I lived without it until hand filing was wearing out my shoulder…im like you in that it I get a little bit skerrred with using an efile On anything. Thanks Holly for this vlog. 💝

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