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Thinking about ISSE?

If you are in the SoCal area and thinking about ISSE, I would love to see you in class or around the show floor! My class will be Sunday, June 26 and it is free with your show admission. The class touches on color theory which is something you will find makes a huge difference going forward in helping clients select colors, doing a French manicure that compliments skin tones or camouflages nail imperfections, and allows every client to wear any color they want if its in the right hue!

We will get into tips for perfecting polish application to save time which saves money. Smile line pointers that allow you to enhance the beauty of any natural nail, no matter the length or thickness, are on the agenda and the difference between the French and American manicure. To round things out, you can get some ideas for simple floral designs to embellish your perfectly polished nails. Believe it or not you do have the skill set to go beyond the dot flower, I will help you see the talent that lies within you by the end of the hour!

Nails polished with floral and polka dot art

Nails polished with floral art.

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