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Nail Knowledge Debuts New Education Format

As adults we all learn in different ways and there are some formats of education out there that simply don't work. Nothing is worse than someone speaking to you from the front of a room in a monotone voice with no passion for their subject. In today's learning world, we not only have the challenge of learning, we also have the challenge of being around others combined with misinformation that is passed from one generation of teacher to the next.

Seeking to address the need for a scientific approach to education that was also interesting, the creators of Nail Knowledge have a world renowned nail professional as one of the presenters, Marian Newman, who has a resume that many professionals would consider legendary, and they combine that with animation to give you a glimpse into the nails, skin, and so much more in a new and refreshing way.

The lessons are broken down into reasonable time frames for the busy adult to manage them so you can "binge watch" or work in one at a time as you need in a hectic day. Within each lesson are small Q & A sessions that help you retain the information as you go, culminating into a short quiz at the end. The education is more comprehensive than any nail school I have seen, contains the most current information available on nail anatomy available, and could easily be used as a national standard anywhere.

If you feel like your schooling was inadequate, this is must have education for you. If you feel like as a veteran nail professional you already know everything, this is a must have refresher to make sure you are up to date on current information, as Doug Schoon has worked with doctors and dermatologists to determine where the eponychium truly is, what the cuticle is and where it comes from, and how the proximal nail fold functions. If you are not familiar with Lamellar Dystrophy one of the most common nail issues, this course is for you.

I have just finished Master Class 1 of 3 on my way to the Professional Diploma. It would be amazing to have you join me on this journey of knowledge, let me know your thoughts in the comments below! Check out the additional resources on the Nail Knowledge website in addition to the information they share on their social channels, it's a great new resource that should be shared.

Nail Knowledge

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