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As FingerNailFixer®, I am asked for my opinion on products, issues, processes, and many other things related to the salon industry by salon professionals. Often times people looking for a nail salon to call home also have questions. Here are some safety tips, home care suggestions, tutorials, and nail care for the nail aficionado.

Choosing a Salon

When you're looking up "nail salon near me" have these guides on hand to choose a safe salon.

Video Tutorials

How to Remove Shellac at Home

How to Remove Gel Polish at Home


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Salon Finder & Blog

Beautician List

Beautician List promises beauty enthusiasts a unique way to shop for validated licensed beauty professionals and gives industry professionals an opportunity to be part of a lucrative online community.


Dadi Wellness

Famous Names

Nail products you already have repurposed into selfcare tools you can use to take care of your skin in more places than one. Each link is a tutorial video with step by step instructions for home indulgence!

Dadi Wellness Face

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