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FingerNailFixer Shop®

Introducing the FingerNailFixer® Shop, taking you beyond nail education!

Original designs with class and sometimes sass. Launched in June 2020, these custom designs are a reminder that YOU are an amazing, talented individual that deserves to do more than just get by, you should be earning a good living, enjoying life with confidence and pride!

Preview the designs below then click on the one you want, you'll then be taken to the shop where you can literally put it on anything from a shirt, hoodie or dress to posters, wall art, stickers, a clock or bags! Keep an eye out for new designs throughout the year and hashtag #FNFfreaks and tag @fingernailfixer to show off your new nail pride gear!

FingerNailFixer Nail Rocker Merch Design
Ask my clients if I'm Essential
An original FingerNailFixer Tshirt design, your time has value!
FingerNailFixer salute to clients that do rockstar services
FingerNailFixer Freaks merch image
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