FingerNailFixer® Virtual Classroom

The FingerNailFixer Virtual Classroom is a Live Webinar experience designed to give you the opportunity to earn continuing education hours in states that allow online learning. These two hour education segments are meant to be easy to fit into your day, mix and match for the number of hours you need, and fit the nail information that you want to learn in the time you have to learn it. All of these classes are only $35 each in an effort to offer affordable continuing education options during the pandemic xo


With each class you can expect:

•            A dated digital certificate of completion by email

•            To submit photos of your work by email within 12 hours of class if hands on

•            A pdf class summary with educator bio available by request

•            A limited class size to ensure that your questions will be answered

Available Classes and Registration Links

10/26/20 Polished Perfection


The class will touch on color theory and cover polishing with one color, polishing in the traditional French manicure, the American manicure, and tips for achieving crisp, beautiful smile lines that are complimentary to the client.


9 am CST

10/26/20 Structurally Sound Salon Nails with Gel

This class will touch on how to work with gel, brush angles and ways to sculpt the nail that will help alleviate service breakdown and reduce filing.

12 pm CST

10/26/20 Structurally Sound Salon Nails with L&P (acrylic)

This class will touch on mix ratio, how to adjust it, in addition to how to apply the polymerizing product to the nail in a manner that will give optimum results with the least amount of filing needed or service breakdown occurring.

3 pm CST

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