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FingerNailFixer® Education

FingerNailFixer® Live Classroom

Live in salon classes are available at a set hourly rate, if you are more than 60 miles from the zip code 50044, mileage will be added. If you are more than 120 miles, travel expenses will be included such as hotel and mileage, at 300 miles or higher the expenses could include flights.

The class can be custom created to suit the needs of your salon and cover anything nail related. Email or text to discuss in more detail if your salon could use education in a non brand specific, non judgmental format.

Available for international education as well.

In salon classes are eligible for continuing education hours in Iowa. 

FingerNailFixer® Virtual Classroom

The FingerNailFixer Virtual Classroom is a Live Webinar experience designed to give you the opportunity to earn continuing education hours in states that allow online learning. These two hour education segments are meant to be easy to fit into your day, mix and match for the number of hours you need, and fit the nail information that you want to learn in the time you have to learn it. All of these classes are only $50 each.


The fees for hours are structured into the cost of the class.

Iowa sponsor is Cosmetologists and Barbers of Iowa C.B.I.

Illinois sponsor is Amanda Marie Dunteman LCMT,LNT/Founder, A Premier Massage & Day Spa

I have been told the classes are acceptable for hours in Nebraska by several people.

With each class you can expect:

•            A dated digital certificate of completion by email

•            A pdf class summary with educator bio available by request

•            A limited class size to ensure that your questions will be answered

Available Classes with Registration Links

(click date to register)

Building Your Successful Salon Business

From Pricing and Inventory to Budgeting and Backbar

A class that combines the forces of FingerNailFixer and Mary Chhea Media to bring you an interactive business class meant to teach you how to keep more of your money! From small booth rental salons to owners of employee driven salons, there is something here for you.

Materials suggested:

  • 3-12 month salon budget

  • 3-12 month personal budget

  • list of services you offer in the salon

  • separate device to type data in to worksheets than the one you use to watch the zoom


Salon Consultations, Disinfection & Natural Nail Prep

Bonus - a Look at E-file Bits

This class will cover first impressions and client consultations for nail appointments from welcome to our space to the nail prep, then shift into best practices to keep the natural nail healthy under all coatings while preventing lifting and other service breakdown issues.  We will take a look at several styles of e-file bits designed for natural nail prep and discuss pros and cons as well as how to use them. Continue with a discussion on home care and ideas on how to retail. Round out the class with a look at disinfection and maintaining a #cultureofcleanliness.

(click date to register)

Materials suggested:

  • Something to take notes if desired


Recording Available

Polishing up on Polish - Hands and Toes

Bonus – Simple Dot Designs

This class touches on color theory, covers polishing with one color on nails and toes with less clean up for a faster application, polishing in the traditional French manicure, and tips for achieving crisp, beautiful smile lines that are complimentary to the client on nails and toes. A fun end of class bonus is a look at the plethora of designs you can create simply using dots, including a twist on the French manicure!

(click date to register)


Materials suggested if you would like to work along:

  • Practice fingers or tips to work on

  • Gel polish colors in – Bright or Dark Cream, Two colors that you like for French

  • Gel polish top coat

  • LED/UV lamp

  • Alcohol

  • Acetone

  • Clean up tool of choice (brush, dotting tool, orangewood stick, etc.)

  • Dotting tool

  • White gel polish

  • Wipes


Recording Available

Successful Nail Stamping & Enhanced Stamping Skills

Bonus – Ombre Techniques

This class gives you the knowledge to be successful at stamping consistently, then take your stamping further with embellishments, 3D, and layering to create complicated and dimensional looks that take a fraction of the time one might guess. Then to take your stamping prowess a step further, enjoy the bonus portion of class featuring tips for mastering the ombre to use as a stand-alone or a background for the stamping.

(click date to register)


Materials suggested if you would like to work along with instruction:

10-15 pre-polished practice tips/nails

Assortment of polishes to stamp with

Assortment of gel polish to stamp with

3 progressing or complimentary colors of glitter to ombre

3 progressing or complimentary colors of pigment to ombre

3 progressing or complimentary colors of gel polish to ombre

An ombre brush

Transfer foil

Clear polymer powder (acrylic powder)

Long detail or short striping brush

Assortment of stamping plates


2-3 stampers

Polish top coat

Gel polish top coat

A chrome pigment

UV/LED lamp




Recording Available

Foundations of Nail Design with Dots and Lines

Bonus – Watercolor

This class gives you the opportunity to break nail designs down to their simpler foundations. If you struggle with doing art or don’t have a lot of time for art, these techniques will empower you to quickly add some personality to the nails with less stress. See how simply using dots and lines can give you a wonderful world of options and even become a gateway to more intricate designs, then learn how to do some watercolor techniques that can be used as stand-alone art or as a background for your dots and lines.

(click date to register)


Materials suggested if you would like to work along with instruction:

10-15 pre-polished practice tips/nails 5 of which should be white with a matte top coat applied

Assortment of polishes

Assortment of gel polish

Assortment of paints

Alcohol inks and/or pigments

Mixing palette with edges

Long detail or short striping brush

Dotting tool

Assortment of art brushes

Gel polish top coat

UV/LED lamp




Recording Available

Troubleshooting Gel Enhancements

Bonus – Troubleshooting Gel Polish (click date to register)

This class is for anyone doing or learning gel enhancements that would like to delve into some of the things that go wrong and figure out why, then how to fix them. Attendees are encouraged to submit questions with registration as well as come to class with questions as the class is dedicated to troubleshooting real salon issues. As a bonus we will touch on some troubleshooting for gel polish to conclude our time together.

Materials Suggested:

(you can take notes for the segments in which you do not have the materials)

  • Gel Brush

  • Sculpting Gel

  • Builder in a bottle

  • Clear tips to practice on

  • 180 grit file

  • 100 grit file

  • 240 or higher grit file

  • Cuticle pusher

  • Curette

  • 99% isopropyl alcohol

  • Table protection

  • Lint free wipes for brush

  • LED lamp


Requests Welcome

Is there a class you would like to see? Send me an email with your suggestion!

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