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About FingerNailFixer®

Holly L. Schippers, based in the US, has been a nail professional since 1999. She attended the Creative Institute in England in 2004, going on to become an award winning nail professional with a desire to help others through teaching, writing, and social media.


Holly is:

  • An industry advocate

  • Independent Educator on all things nails

  • A.N.T. (Advanced Nail Technician - Medinail)

  • Technical Editor for Doug Schoon's Face to Face Vol I, II, and III

  • Globally renowned as the FingerNailFixer®

  • Cover Artist

  • NAILS Magazine blogger 2010-2020

  • NAILS Magazine and Scratch Magazine content contributor

  • Independent Blogger - find the blog here

  • Freelance Vlogger - find the vlog here 

  • Brand Ambassador for Virox

  • Brand Ambassador for Famous Names

Holly believes education is the foundational component in producing professional nail technicians and enjoys sharing her love and passion for nails to advance the industry by helping each individual professional advance themselves.

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