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Blogging since 2010, FingerNailFixer® as a brand ideal is an industry advocate that believes in education for all.

As the FingerNailFixer®, I look to share information, education and resources to help nail professionals advance the industry by advancing themselves individually.


Past Blogs can be found on the NAILS Magazine website, I'm so thankful to Hannah, Cyndy, Judy and so many others at NAILS for giving me a start in blogging so many years ago.

To bring you more voices than my own, I am excited to announce that I will be bringing additional bloggers onboard. Please extend a warm industry welcome to the first blogger to join our team, Sherrie Tennessee of SpaSOS.  Sherrie brings many years of business experience and knowledge to the table with a different perspective, I will let you read her blogs to get to know her as I have over the years, her insight and business acumen will help you balance your creativity with your bank account.

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