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Re-Homing the FingerNailFixer® Blog & Wishing Beth Well

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

The FingerNailFixer® Blog now has a new home! Many of you may not know that at the very beginning of the pandemic in March, Bobit Business Media the owner of NAILS Magazine opted to permanently lay off all of their freelance writers which included the bloggers. Knowing the industry still needed some help in such trying times and having a great deal of respect for NAILS Editor, Beth Livesay, I proceeded to start sending in complimentary blogs so that my readers would still have help.

I have watched the NAILS Magazine family gradually disappear over the last several months only to find that Beth who has been doggedly giving us everything she had, has now been let go this week. This brought me to the point of making the decision to go ahead and start hosting the blogs on my own to ensure that they would always be available to you when you need them.

I wish Beth and all the past NAILS Magazine family that we have all known and loved the very best in everything they go on to do. From all the NAILS faces we know and love to all the names we appreciate from behind the scenes, they treated us all like family, made us feel special, and worked hard to give us helpful information in a beautiful magazine. Here’s to all of you NAILS family xo

Back row: Melissa Finch, Holly Schippers, former NAILS Shannon Rahn, Michele Baker, former NAILS Katherine Fleming, Kim Jones, RussAnna Dudley. Middle row:  former NAILS Beth Livesay, Emily Hitchings, former NAILS Michelle Mullen, Nicole Franklin. Front row: Debbie Harris. 

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