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Nail Camp 2022 Part 1

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

Imagine a summer camp style experience where you stay in cabins with friends new and old, eat three meals a day and not only have time to eat you have time to chat and network. Then expand that thought with amazing classes on everything from social media and business to foot care, art, and nail structure. Throw in a low pressure competition for good measure, a campfire with smores, and you have the rough idea for nail camp!

Nail Camp began on Vashon Island just off the coast of Seattle at a small campground facility with beautiful views of the sound, resident wildlife like deer just outside your windows, and stunning fall foliage with leaves as big as your head! It has since gone on the road to be held in different locations around the US allowing those that do not fly the opportunity to drive when it comes to an area near them. This year nail camp was held in Woodcreek, Texas, just outside of Austin.

One of the benefits of nail camp is a class called Incredible Improvements. You do four nails, one at a time, getting some advice and a critique on each nail before you start the next one. This allows each attendee to see a great improvement on their skills within a few hours right on the first day. For camp veterans that have been to camp a few times and have been in the industry over five years, there is an alternative class with photography.

Camp offers a selection of free one hour classes to all attendees. There are usually over 40 classes to choose from. In addition to that, you can find some three hour classes, then on Monday a 3,5, or 8 hour class. There are some workshops you can choose to pay for or there are more free classes. In addition to education, there are products to purchase once you have tested them out in class, or if you simply need to stock up for the salon.

Here is just a peek of some of the three hour classes offered at camp on Sunday this year and a photographic glimpse into them!

A to Z Instagram for Nail Techs with Katerina Abourched IG @mokanailclub

  • Define your style

  • What should your content be

  • How to create ads

Tropical Art with Jesse Bruner IG @jessedbruner

  • Realistic style gel polish painting level 2

  • Analyzing a reference picture

  • Blending, shading, and highlights

Luminary Structured Manicure Certification with Tara Robinson IG @tarafiednails

  • Included a kit

  • Covered e-file techniques

  • Went over nail structure

Salon Style Floral Designs with LeChat’s Anastasia Totty IG @anastasia.totty

  • Painting with gel polish and gel paints

  • Creating multiple floral styles and looks

Instagram Reels for Nail Fairies with Iryna Zabiran IG @izabiran

  • Growing your IG with reels

  • Building an IG community

Make Your Own Gnome with RussAnna Dudley IG @nails_by_russanna

  • Create a figurine using gel

  • How to start the skeleton of a fantasy piece

Sassy Salon Nail Art with Jotanna Rowland IG @nailsbyjotanna

  • Popular salon friendly art techniques

  • Combine the skills you have to create new ideas

Holiday Characters with Colour Gloss and Rock Hard L&P with Sandy Borges

  • Sketching on the nail

  • Mixing colors

  • Using an inspiration photo

3D Gel Nail Art with Blue Amber’s Anna Wesolowska IG @anna_wesolowska_nail_artist

  • Art kit included

  • Learn classic flowers and flat roses

  • Learn 3D roses and the knit effect

Specialty Shaping with Allie Baker IG @alliebakernails

  • Refine your shaping skills

  • Learn the trendy shapes

  • Learn form application for alternative shapes

Frozen Color Cocktail with Tiffani Cordoza IG @cordozanailsupply

  • Includes a class kit

  • How to market yourself

  • How to charge for art

See Something – Say Something – Save a Life with Brenda Ribble IG @bestfootforwarddistribution

  • Identifying melanoma

  • How to bring things to your client’s attention without sounding like a diagnosis

  • Physician referrals

Hard Gel in a Squeeze Bottle with SoGel IG @sogelnails

Amp Up Your Pedicure Game with Hope Goldman IG @healthtobeautynails

GEHWOL IG @gehwolfootcare

  • Waterless pedicure

  • E-file techniques for feet

  • GEHWOL product knowledge

Ikon.IQ Hypoallergenic Toenail Reconstruction with Lisa Ann Bowles IG @newnailcreations

Some that offered classes at other times not listed above are:


Profiles Backstage

Orly and Gotti

  • KT Truong IG @yougotnailedbykt

  • check out the blog on Gotti products here

  • check out the blog on Orly products here

Client Management

Salon Business

As you can see nail camp offers a robust education opportunity with a lot of variety. To keep this blog short, I kept it about classes, watch for the follow up with pictures and more on the other experiences, or if you need to see more now feel free to visit the photo album on my Facebook page!

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