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Atwood Makes Life Easier

Using an e-file in the salon can really change the course of your day in many ways. From timing of services to how your hands feel at the end of a long day. Maintenance of your bits is something to take into consideration. Are you getting difficult build up in them that is time consuming to scrub out before disinfecting or sterilizing them, do they fall through the holes in your disinfection container, and so on.

As a company with a strong focus on e-files, e-file education and their maintenance, it is no surprise that Atwood Industries would bring us a handy new tool. Making its debut on social media, it is a small jar with an insert that makes soaking the bits in acetone or disinfectant easy and convenient. You save money by not wasting large quantities of product and time by more efficiently removing any stubborn product in the teeth of the bits.

Join me for the unboxing after I ordered one for myself!

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