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Covid has become part of our lives now and some are becoming blasé while others are obsessed. No matter where you stand on diseases, politics, or anything else, the fact of the matter is your salon MUST be clean. If you have been talking to your clients about what you do to protect them, how you clean, the products you use, they might have stopped listening. The message could use a change so that they hear it again and associate you with a higher standard of service. Loyalty isn't what it used to be, giving your customer a reason to come back is important.

Social media is still a great way to get your message out in addition to word of mouth. Has your message about sanitation and disinfection had any variety in the last two years or have you been on repeat? Perhaps this year you could shift your perspective from "we are cleaning to protect you", or "we clean to the standard", to something more along the lines of Clean is our Culture or Daily Disinfection fits our Vibe. Make it more personal to you, therefore more personal to them.

Feel free to join me in a social movement of acknowledging salon cleanliness by using #cultureofcleanliness in your salon posts!

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