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Fun, Free, Educational Tidbits

If you recall, I have mentioned Nail Knowledge before, and after reading their latest blog in my email, thought I might bring it up again. It is such a unique and clever way of learning the fundamental science and anatomy of nails. If you feel like you didn't really learn or retain enough in school, this could be an extremely important course for you to look into.

Screenshot of Nail Knowledge blog homepage

Right now while you are busy with the holidays, just take a sneak peek at the YouTube channel for some fun, free, educational tidbits that are quite helpful. Some of them are even great for sharing on your salon social media as client education. The animations really help things make sense in a way that dry explanations or 2D illustrations can not. Then after the first of the new year, when you have a spot of down time, come back and check out the courses!

Have you earned the Nail Professional Diploma from Nail Knowledge yet? What did you think of the course?

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