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What is a FingerNailFixer Freak?

Why do I call you freaks every now and then? It is the highest of compliments, really!

As you can see, a #FNFfreak is quite simply what I would call a higher caliber of nail professional. Someone that demands quality about every aspect of their nail business and takes their career seriously.

This t-shirt design was a limited edition run for a tour I did in the UK, let me know if you would like to see it brought back with my updated logo!

Unfortunately those of us that demand our salons be cleaned above the state or country standard, tools be clean for every client, education be better than the state or country minimum, nail services be better than just good enough are a minority. The vast majority are happy to skate by on the bare minimum of sufficient or even less than that if they can get away with it! If wanting higher standards in our salons for the safety of clients makes me a freak then I am all about flying my freak flag high, who is with me?

What are you a freak about in the salon?

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