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The Beauty of a Dry Pedicure

The first time you hear of a dry pedicure, it may seem like an oxymoron. In fact, it is a viable service option that began as a trend and became a staple service. The term dry simply means the feet are not soaked in a bowl. The feet still receive all the traditional benefits of a professional service, depending on their needs.

One company that acknowledges the validity of this service, actually put out a separate protocol for salons that offer a dry pedicure, saving them the time of adapting the service. Famous Names Products has released service protocols for their new Releaf line.

The dry pedicure offers a lot of benefits, it's just convincing clients that soaking their feet in bubbling water is only a visual, not a necessity!

  • Soaking the nail plate in water for longer than 30-60 seconds causes it to change shape, it is like a sponge, contracting and expanding, This can mean that some clients may not have ideal polish wear, or could even experience chipping or peeling as a direct result of the water soak.

  • Eliminating the water removes the chances of water born pathogens. There aren't going to be any biofilms left on a tub that isn't there or an improperly cleaned jet, or dirty pipe system.

  • A soakless pedicure is eco-friendly saving large quantities of water, the tub would need to be filled for soaking, refilled after rinsing the scrub to rinse the masque, then filled again to run the disinfectant through and soak.

If you would like to see how the Releaf Waterless Protocol looks, click here. Let me know in the comments if your salon has gone to a dry pedicure and how it went over with your clients, so other salons know what they would be facing, or if you are thinking about going waterless, or if you would like to see future blogs with more information on waterless pedicures!

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