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Polish Removal Like a Pro

Removing polish is something we have all been doing, likely for as long as you can remember. Along with removing polish comes the mess around the skin that requires going back through for a second pass at removal. These days nail polish is reserved mainly for toes, or those lucky few that have been blessed with nice enough natural nails to keep a long wear polish on for a solid week, or two in the case of Dazzle Dry. This means we don't really focus on getting any better at removing polish, it's more of a frantic, rushed motion of trying to get it out of the way as fast as possible.

If you are removing polish at home, same thing goes. You have better things to do than sitting around removing polish so you are trying to scrub at it quickly, add to that someone, somewhere along the line told you acetone was the enemy and you are trying to get it off with a non-acetone remover which slows you down even more! Let's take a look at a couple things that could make your polish removal a little easier, cleaner, and by default faster.

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