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Keeping Nails Clean When Gardening

Do you love gardening? Do you have clients that love it? How about the stained nails that come with it? The stained nails and occasional punctured hyponychium are usually not the exciting part of the gardening process. While some are willing to wear gloves to attempt to protect their nails a little, we have all probably heard some pretty amazing reasons for why others are not. In fact please share some of your favorite reasons for why clients simply can not wear gloves to garden in the comments below. Mine has to be "so that the dirt can speak to her and she can hear what it needs to say clearly".

At the beginning of my nail career, someone shared an amazing idea with me to share with my gardening clients and I have been sharing it in the salon and classes ever since. To make it easier for you to share it in this digital world, it is now a YouTube tutorial, the link is if you would like to copy and paste it to share on your salon social media, email blasts or any other way you see fit. I have created it specifically to help you, help your gardeners!

Let me know what you think and if there are other common things I could help you with by making a video to share! Happy Gardening xo

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