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What I Asked for vs What I Got

As long as social media is the place to go and be seen, the desire to either brag or complain exists, these posts will not be going anywhere. Some are really impressive, a great show of the relationship between the nail professional and the client and some are heart breaking. Something that would be really beneficial to those looking at the posts is a little more information!

With just some added snippets of info you could be providing some educational information to your fellow nail enthusiasts as well as to the nail professional. Giving everyone a chance to learn from your experience whether good or bad. These posts could become a resource tool in addition to show posts and benefit everyone on both sides of the table!

Here is a wish list of information if you would be so kind!

  • A before picture. Knowing what your nails looked like to begin with gives the nail professional an idea of what could have gone wrong to learn from it, or a potential nail client an idea of hey that might not be the right style choice for my nails if they have a similar nail to yours.

  • How far in advance you booked your appointment and how much time was allotted. This will let potential nail clients know if you opted for a walk in appointment and didn't get what you were going for, they might want to pre-book. It will also give nail professionals some insight into the timing and planning allowed so they have an idea where to adjust in their own schedules. If a walk in shows up with a detailed design it could be better to ask them to book out than to take them instantly and disappoint them.

  • How much did it cost and what city/state/country are you in? Unless you are bragging, there's no need to list the actual salon. The price point will just help nail professionals understand if that person values their time and skills. It will also indicate to other clients if that person is charging enough for their time and skills to be a sustainable business in the area they are in so that they know it will be worthwhile to become a regular customer!

While a cheap salon seems like a good find, they need to service a lot of people for extended hours to stay in business. Nail professionals that charge appropriately for their education, time, and skills are able to last longer in the business by taking care of themselves physically and mentally. That is a bonus for you as a client!

Let me know in the comments below if you would be willing to add any of these additional informational tidbits to your "what I got vs what I asked for" posts. Also if there is any other information you feel would be helpful in the posts when you are looking at them!

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