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Virtual Continuing Education

COVID has changed the landscape of nail education and continuing education for the foreseeable future. With that in mind you will find the first quarter of classes in the FingerNailFixer® Virtual Classroom posted and ready to go.

The classes are officially sponsored in Iowa by Cosmetologists and Barbers of Iowa C.B.I.

and in Illinois by Amanda Marie Dunteman LCMT,LNT/Founder, A Premier Massage & Day Spa. The classes have been designed to follow the needs of most state laws for continuing education so look at the necessary requirements in your state if you need to acquire hours.

Everyone is welcome to take a class for the love of education! Payment is done in Zoom via PayPal which accepts international payments. There are no mentions of brands or manufacturers in class, only techniques. Every class is a quick two hour segment, offered multiple times of day on different dates, to make mixing and matching easy for your schedule and budget. Just click on the date of the class you want to sign up for.

Here's to a new year, new education, and profitable nail salons!

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