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Have you seen this hashtag? It has been making its way into stories near you! Last month's blog asking you to become an influencer and encourage clients to use their oil and document it was something I personally accepted as a challenge as well. The oil I retail in the salon is Dadi Oil from Famous Names so the hashtag used was #30daysofDadi. You were of course welcome to create a different hashtag that fit the brand of oil you used and still create the challenge for your clientele! Here is how I set it up in the salon and how it worked out so if you would like to give it a go, you have some ideas on generating client interest.

Hand holding Dadi Oil
Be a participant to increase interest.

Be the Leader

Your clients like to do what you are doing. How many times have they come in and requested the design or color that's on your nails? Human nature is to do what others are doing. This means you are going to be most successful with this challenge if you lead by example. Making excuses about how you don't have time to take pictures, or post them, is a great example of why your clients don't have time to apply oil, it is easier to make excuses and forget than to make a commitment.

Hand holding Dadi Oil
Have clients tag you for tracking

Dangle a Carrot

Incentive is one way to increase participation amongst your client base. I called it a challenge and let clients know they would be competing against each other. Laying out very simple rules and guidelines made it fun and easy for everyone to understand. In addition to the competitive edge, I also included a prize for a random winner drawn from all participants.

Create the Challenge

You can customize the challenge in any way you like, this is just how I crafted mine if you would like to use it for inspiration. The rules were as follows:

  • Post a nailfie everyday with your oil to your story - FB or IG

  • tag me or keep a screenshot to prove you posted

  • type the day - day1, day2, etc

  • use hashtag #30daysofDadi

  • optional - tag Famous Names

Hand holding Dadi Oil
Let your toe clients join!

Teach Them to Social

While clients were wrapped in remover wraps I taught them how to use stories, tag people, or showed them how to type a hashtag. If you don't want to take the time to do that, consider making a video tutorial for them. Giving everyone the opportunity to participate is an important part of the challenge. I've found several clients now use their newfound knowledge to post grandkids to their stories and have appreciated the extra benefit. All clients were included, even those that didn't get their nails done by me, only their toes, it's about showing the benefits of the oil to your clients and to those that see their stories.

Watch the Discussion

A picture is worth 1,000 words. You will find that it can be even more valuable than that. Pictures tell a story. The story all of these pictures are going to tell as a whole is that when oil is used daily it improves the condition of the skin and the nails. On my own nails you can see from the before picture to the 30 day picture that the hangnails clear up and the skin looks much healthier. My clients had friends and family discussing their improvement as well. The 30 day challenge helps clients see the visual proof of what you have been trying to educate them on all along. I kept the photos that I remembered to save in a highlight album on my Instagram so that it could be referenced in the future and would suggest that other nail professionals do the same.

Pick a Prize

If you choose to use an incentive make it something to brag about, take a photo of them and request they share on their story! This helps them use their new story skills, introduces one of your retail products to all of their friends and family if that's what you used, and incentivizes your clients that didn't win this time to work towards the next challenge you issue. My prize for this challenge since it was for 30 days, was to let them choose any one product off my retail shelf.

This is an undertaking that took some effort, some remembering, and yet was a lot of fun. I've enjoyed seeing the photos that some of you have been posting and love being tagged to see your progress! Let me know what you think of the challenge and how it works out for your salon, also if you create other hashtags, please share them.

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