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Get an Influencer Working for You!

Have you ever wondered how much it would help your salon to have an influencer helping you? If you had someone using your products and talking about them on social media? What if that influencer posted a photo every day on their story of one of your core nail care products like oil starting with a before photo, then used it every day for 30 days with a daily photo so your clients could see for themselves the difference it would make. You could even challenge your clients to join along in the challenge and make it interesting with a drawing for a prize amongst those that participated all 30 days!

Guess who the biggest influencer in your salon is? Are you ready? Look in the mirror! It's you! Your clients come to you because they trust you to know the latest information in nail care, nail trends, home care, and everything hands and feet. The best way to show them how something works or why they should be faithfully using it, is for you to use it yourself. Can you imagine if social media was inundated with nail professionals all using their oil for 30 days showing the difference it made to use it daily, then clients did the same, how much of a visual impact that would make. If a picture is worth 1,000 words, then how many words is 30 pictures x 30 x 30 infinity worth?

Take a look at the nail oil you recommend and create a hashtag that suits the challenge. I use Dadi Oil in the salon so my hashtag will be #30daysofDadi Please feel free to use this hashtag if you also use this product. If you come up with a clever hashtag for other products and are willing to share, leave them in the comments, the more people that are using the same hashtags helps work the algorithm! You can post to your story on Instagram, Facebook, or both each day and encourage clients to do the same. Begin your posting journey with a "before" photo, then each subsequent day post another photo labeled day one, day two, etc.

Make sure you are using your oil daily so the photos show a difference, this will give you and your clients something to talk about, how you found a way to remember to use your oil! It also gives you the opportunity to put into practice something you are constantly asking them to do. I am just as guilty as some of my clients about forgetting to use my oil for a stretch of time as my hangnails in the before photo can attest. Are you ready to be an influencer? Let's get to it and see what a difference 30 days can make for each other and our clients, I am so excited to see your photos, hear about the contests you created and enjoy the social story take over!

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