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Introducing the Vlog

Wait, isn't that supposed to be a "b", and aren't you already reading the blog? This is the blog! That is supposed to be a "V", the v is for video! That means for those of you that aren't huge fans of reading, or want more than reading, there is going to be a weekly vlog to satisfy your visual and audio needs.

The vlog is my way of pivoting my education career into a different style of platform that is more interactive and connected. I will be able to provide a different style of learning vlog style, while also uploading normal tutorials. In addition to that, you can follow my journey as I take classes and go on adventures and travel for my social media side job. I might even take you into the salon with me if there seems to be enough interest.

I'm excited to try this style of working with you to learn from each other and grow together as professionals! Let me know if there are things you would like me to explore, or cover, or guests you would like me to talk to.

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