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Summer of Change

This summer is a time of change as I pivot into a new way of education and working. To lead the change is a refreshed look for my beloved turtle girl. She gets an updated tag line, jewelry and hair color, new makeup and of course lashes!

Something I highly recommend to any of you that let others use your logo for anything is a Brand Guideline. My graphic artist suggested it and it is so cool and such an easy way to send the colors and fonts along to someone when collaborating. Even if you are having a local paper make ads for you, sending them a brand guideline for your logo helps keep your salon image intact and consistent throughout everything that is created, even if more than one person puts it together.

As you can see it offers helpful basic information about your logo itself from the color palette to the fonts. This could come in very handy if an advertiser is trying to match type to your logo for a sale or announcement you have asked them to create. There are also guidelines for the logo itself, for example if you have acquired a registered trademark, some things are needed to keep your trademark active and those things can be placed in the guide. If your salon name is commonly misspelled, you can place information on spelling in the guide. It eliminates any guesswork or confusion and can ensure that any advertising you do comes out great without so many back and forth edits!

Hope you're having a great summer, let me know in the comments how I can help you with education, check out my YouTube for the exciting new changes coming :)

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