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Nail Stamping with a Cause and 10% off

Are you a believer in paying it forward and/or giving back? It's something I have always felt strongly about which is why I have YouTube tutorials, it's a way of giving back to the industry the way that others have given to me from the beginning as a struggling student through even now.

One company that has a unique spin on helping others is Maniology. They offer bundles of nail stamping sets that each represent a cause or charity that has collaborated to create the stamping plate. Then Maniology also donates a portion of the proceeds to the corresponding organization when it is purchased!

If you find a few other things while you're on the site, feel free to use FNFFREAKS as a coupon code and enjoy 10% off your order.

What are some other companies that you see giving back in unique ways? Leave them in the comments below!

I do receive a small commission when you use my code which will go into video production to keep more free videos coming your way. #maniologyambassador

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