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Welcome to Guest Blogger Melissa!

Please give a warm blog welcome to guest blogger Melissa! She brings a West Coast perspective along with a lot of other unique touches that I feel many of you will appreciate. Re-building clientele and starting over, working while fighting cancer, changing salons, doing nails on the side when the salon isn't paying the bills, and so may other perspectives that cover a wide range of what many of you are going through or are trying to recover from now.

Expect to hear from her about twice a month, be sure to comment on her posts and let her know you appreciate that she carved out some time to share and hang out with us in blog land! Melissa has been doing nails since 1998, a year longer than myself and is based in Oregon.

Melissa Schumann, Bella Hands Beauty Boutique
Melissa Schumann, Bella Hands Beauty Boutique

You can find her first blog post over here I hope you enjoy the insight she has to offer and the variety you will find on the FingerNailFixer blog now from Sherrie's East Coast business posts to my Midwest mindset and Melissa's West coast goings on. Let us know in the comments how you all are doing and what type of content you would like to see, what's happening in your salons, and how we can help you be as successful as possible! Remember YOUR time has VALUE!

xo Holly

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