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Live Famous Releaf Dry Pedicure

There was a contest offered up on the FingerNailFixer® Facebook page for nail professionals within 150 miles of me to win a Famous Releaf pedicure performed by yours truly. I would travel to their salon and perform the pedicure with my fancy new Famous Names Products cosmetic pedicure kit including the add on CBD elixir to make it the Platinum pedicure!

The first winner was a licensed cosmetologist that happened to be working in a distributor at the time instead of a salon so we improvised with setting up at my Airbnb (which didn't quite look like the pictures sorry), then to throw an additional wrench in the works, the poor gal woke up extremely sick the morning of her pedicure! This left me to improvise a little more and sub in a camera shy friend who was at least kind enough to read viewer comments and questions during the live!

We walked through the dry pedicure protocol, available on the Famous Names Products website, just scroll to the bottom of this page. In my excitement I did forget to apply the Finish spray at the end, so make sure to incorporate that when you do your service. Linda at Famous Names was also kind enough to let me know that the divine scent in the Cuti-Cal is Alphafiladrin! The before and after photos speak for themselves and as you hear at the end of the video the "client" was happy with the feel of the service.

My thoughts and impressions on the products overall are quite positive. The scents are very neutral and spa like without feeling super feminine or overpowering. This pedicure could easily be given to a man without making him feel like he's going to smell like a princess or someone's grandma. The textures of the products were also great, the scrub had enough texture to feel like it was accomplishing something, yet not so much that I was concerned it was too scratchy when using it for a dry pedicure service. The oils and lotions were not greasy and penetrated the skin well enough to offer a smooth grip and glide that allowed for a great massage without leaving a slick feel to the legs or feet. There was a healthy glow to the skin instead of a wet shine.

As a diabetic with a constant battle against dry skin, knowing that most of the products contained the AU Complex (Allantoin and Urea) which helps reduce skin irritation while drawing in moisture was a huge draw. The add on segment of CBD Elixir is an excellent retail opportunity to discuss CB-Dadi Oil or CB-Dadi Lotion with the client while massaging it in, so many clients have aches and pains beyond their feet and legs, this is a great segue into retail during the service.

If you have tried the Famous Releaf pedicure, I would love to hear your thoughts, how are you customizing it? Do you do a wet or dry pedicure?

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