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ORLY Gel FX Removal

When it comes to removing gel polish the struggle is real! You file and file then soak and file and soak and scrape and the next thing you know the clients nails are damaged. No by the product, by the removal.

Patience is not a virtue of most nail professionals so a gel polish that comes off quickly on natural nails is a must for the salon. With enhancements, you can zip the color right off with an e-file and not worry about the soak off time!

As you know I have been taking the ORLY gel polish for a test drive. An important component is the removal. There can be some user error:

  • did you file all the top coat off

  • did you wrap with an acetone based remover

  • did you wrap the nails tight enough

  • did you cover the tip of the nail with the remover

  • did you apply the base coat and other layers thinly

All that said, once you get the hang of things, the product also has to do its part and live up to the promise it made to come off the nails. Let's take a look at how ORLY performs in the removal department!

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