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Crystal Adhesive that Works

A nail professional that works with crystals and other embellishments is forever on a journey to find an adhesive that works. Clients are not impressed when they pay extra for those types of looks only to have them come off, or be easy to pick off (yeah we know you do that!).

I've had the opportunity to take the gel adhesive from Gotti nails for a test drive and I have to say, you may color me impressed! The adhesive managed to keep crystals on some of my hardest to embellish clients including a nurse!! Envision hand sanitizer repeatedly, frequent hand washing, and gloves dragging across them constantly all day for weeks!

Do your prep like you would for any other gel product being applied on the surface of a cured top coat and cure it for 60 seconds in an LED light, then enjoy long lasting crystals.

Nails decorated with art and embellished with crystals!
I deliberately left space between the crystals to really test the adhesive.

Nails decorated with art and embellished with crystals!
Not a single crystal came off in the coming weeks!

Gotti gel adhesive for crystals is FingerNailFixer approved!

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