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Taking Gotti Nails for a Test Drive

Updated: Jun 25, 2022

At the ONE in Portland I chatted with Robert Nguyen owner of Gotti Nails about his new line of products. The color selection is top notch and he had several fun accompaniments to the gel polish for you art fans out there!

There was a teal that was to die for called Motown Blues so that is where I decided to start. In this video you are going to see the application method I used for the test, then in a future blog we will check out the removal. There is also fun to be had with the Gotti Nails foil gel and gem adhesive gel. I'm looking forward to seeing how things go as Robert is a top notch nail professional!

Some things I noticed in application are the nice consistency of the gel even though the color I selected was a shimmer and had glitter. The top coat was a thicker viscosity that gave an incredible shine. The top coat will have to be removed in order to soak off the gel polish as is standard for most gel polishes. Let's see how these do after two weeks of wear!

Robert IG @NailGuyTV

Gotti Nails IG @gottinail

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