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What Attending the Oregon Nail Expo is Like

Updated: May 17, 2022

Take a journey with me from booth to booth and see who was there, what they've got going on, find them on Instagram to connect and maybe even get in on a show deal if you catch this in time! It will be as close as you can get to being there without the plane ticket! Next year you'll have to go and check it out, this was a great time, I highly recommend it!

After having the opportunity to take classes Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, it is finally show day where shopping for all can commence! The VIP ticket holders will be allowed in an hour early than everyone else at 9am as well as receive a massive swag bag - see my live unpacking here. Then at 10am the doors open to all general ticket holders to shop, see demos, and soak up the knowledge they need to take home and be successful.

Registration was a breeze, Kristen Dutcher organizes a great event!

As you approach the hallway entrance your eye is drawn to the Concept Nails booth, let's start there and make our way through the show floor!

1 Concept Nails

Wildflowers Nail Shop - POP Nail Supply

An interesting set up that made it easy to shop and I'm sure reduced the five finger discount, this was a clever concept that made use of the space they were given. Plus a demo table on the side with a TV screen ensured you could see what was going on.


The lovely Cindy Walston doing demos in the Xtens booth, so good to see her, you may recognize her from past magazine articles or social media.

Gotti Nails

The amazing Robert Nguyen has his own product line and it is Gotti Nails. The booth looked great, the colors are stunning and I'm excited to take the products on a test drive for the blog so keep an eye out!

The show deals for Gotti Nails are also available to nail professionals for a week after the show using promo code ONE if you want to try them out or stock up! (That means order by 5/22/22)


The booth featured a QR code to scan for a free gift along with celebrity manicurist and NAILS Magazine cover artist Elsbeth Schultz.

Polished Pinkies Pro

This is nail supplies and education for those who are not familiar, they carry brands like Ugly Duckling and Magpie. You can download their app for 10% off your order!

Ugly Duckling


Light Elegance

This booth was a great stop, always good pointers from Darcy, tips from Jim and I get to make one of my favorite videos, shining the flash in all the open jars of glitter gel. It's just such a happy feeling, I have to do it every single time lol There's a video coming of an interview with Jim, keep an eye out!


Centre for Beauty

Fun video coming from my visit to CJ's booth, she has an amazing new Infection Prevention manual and certification for spa and salon staff available. I've got a video for you with her explanation of it including a look at what's inside and pricing info. There's also other exciting news coming, I'm sworn to secrecy on the rest though!

Cordoza Nail Supply

Home of the nail tech Advent Calendar and the only place you can find the KB Glow in the US, there are only 3 left!! When they're gone you'll have to pay international shipping to get one.

My Little Nail Art Shop

Beauty Innovation

This booth featured a nail art printer. The company came about four years ago and is based in Miami.

BeMi Beauty Box

Canadian beauty box company, offers gel polish with artistic effects and more.


Jess Briarmoon on demo duty, Jess White as the right hand assist and quite the layout for shopping with almost anything you could need to do nails somewhere in the booth from structure to art.

Chrensetter Nails

This was a cool booth with some really fun nail tech branded items that were classy and sassy! I'll be checking out the website.

Responsible Foot Care

I got some info at this booth for retail ideas to test and if you haven't heard, Lisa Ann Bowles has put out a foot focused digital magazine that can be shared with clients!

Pacific Instruments


You could stop at this booth and ask questions or see a demo with NailPro top 10 World Champion Iryna Zabiran.

Salon Services

distributor, mostly hair and skin, offers Lac it and En vogue for nails


non stop demos all day on toes

Famous Names

I jumped in the Famous Names booth first thing in the morning thinking to help out for just a moment and then they got slammed! Things were selling out before noon, it was wild. The show deals are good for you on the Famous Names website until Tuesday (5/17/22) so get that restock order in and take advantage of the amazing deals they offered!

Atwood Industries

You just have to love visiting the Atwood booth there are so many fun things there that make your life easier. You can see me here with my very favorite bit for removing gel polish from enhancements around the edges where I am not confident to be with a barrel style bit like more experienced e-file users. Here is a LINK to the Thin Swiss Cone if you want to check it out!


Bee Smooth Hydration

Dulce Nail Sprinkes


These classes were intriguing and I'm curious to take a class from Henrietta, she has the most amazing #naileyes!


Educator Hope Goldman and Director of Business Development Kelly Diaz made a great team in the booth and in the classroom answering attendee questions like pros!

Luminary Nail Systems

This is a product I've been seeing some buzz about lately and Tara made it seem like it would be a lot of fun to try!

Unfortunately I did not have the opportunity to visit at each booth and get a little info or chat or even take photos. One had completely taken everything down before 4pm when the show went until 4:30 (rude), and others were either busy or I simply ran out of time. Hopefully this at least gives you an overview so that you can see how easily your ticket to the event would be very valuable and the people you would interact with are top notch!

If you have attended the ONE, leave your comments below and let me know your thoughts! If you haven't had a chance to go, let me know what you thought of the blogs covering the event!


Holly, as always, a really great job! I dont know how you pack so much into a short period of time. I didnt really get a chance to walk around much as we were really busy


May 21, 2022
Replying to

Thanks so much!

I can see why! The Famous Names booth was constantly busy, such great products it's easy to understand why.

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