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ONE Saturday Line up of Nail Education

The Oregon Nail Expo offered a full day of education with a plethora of options in a variety of topics. There was something for anyone from foot focused or nail structure to e-file and art. To give you a small glimpse into the event, here is a peek into each of the classrooms with a tidbit of information or perhaps a helpful tip from some of them depending on the timing of when I stopped by. Some companies offered one full day class and some offered one or two half day classes.

Johens Mixed Media with Henrietta Almasi

  • detailed information on tools, tool and brush care, information on 3D and other mixed media for consistent success

  • had great analogies for explaining techniques as she demoed some of the products

Luminary Structured Manicure with Tara Robinson

  • tips on perfecting the gel apex

  • how to use the lines of light and the contrast of shadows to see the overall shape of the nail before curing


NASP Basic Pedicuring with Vicki Malo

  • Why do we see so many foot issues?

    • lack of healthy lifestyles

    • stress levels

    • these things contribute to edema and venous insufficiency

    • you can see skin breakdown

  • Evaluation of the feet in your consultation is important, the client can be immunocompromised without even being aware.

GEHWOL Med Pedicure with Hope Goldman

  • Powder is a helpful finisher to keep people from sliding around in their shoes after a pedicure service.

  • Photo shows one foot pedicured with GEHWOL products and one foot untouched for comparison.

Famous Names Releaf Pedicure with Jim and Linda Nordstrom

  • Allantoin and Urea create the AU complex a power ingredient found in many of the products in the pedicure that provides a shot of moisture into the skin.

  • Option to add CBD Elixir which has anti-bacterial & anti-oxidant properties and may provide muscle and joint relief, great retail item.

  • Free certification offered via online course

Orly Parlez vouz FRENCH? with Elsbeth Schultz and Grazziella Barney

  • discussion, demo and hands-on for builder in a bottle as well as concealer which can hide the natural smile line

  • educators walk around helping attendees one on one with their structure and form

SoGel Hard Gel with Becky Bunnell and DeAnn Damron

  • tips on transitioning acrylic to gel

  • working hands on with help from the educators

  • official "Nail Tribe" creator is an educator in the room!

Charisma Nail Acrylic Shaping and Structure with Lysa Comfort

  • overview of structure and shaping

  • using e-file bits and a quick touch on what they're made of

  • safety features to look for in e-file bits and styles (she offers a separate e-file class for more in depth detail)

  • hands-on work to try out as you learn

GEHWOL Nail Repair/Reconstruction with Hope Goldman

  • how to help clients manage expectations with a reconstruction

  • what home care is important and how to discuss it with clients

  • setting up a maintenance schedule and how to do it

Blue Amber Nails One Stroke Gel with Anna Wesolowska

  • hands-on workshop with Anna walking around giving help and advice

  • breaking down the ombre and explaining the creation and necessity of the visual division of light and dark when placing the petals

  • demoing how to space the petals to avoid the blob effect

NASP Diabetes: Implications for the Pedicurist with Vicki Malo

  • red bands around e-file bits usually indicate fine

  • ceramic bits can be better for reducing thick toenails

  • diabetic feet are not like other feet, you MUST be more careful

E-file Russian Manicure with Iryna Zabiran

  • hands-on workshop

  • cautioned against over filing

  • helped attendees by looking at their work

Atwood Industries Perfect Cuticle Prep for Success with Sharon Frenz

  • what bits to use and when

  • how to create perfect cuticle edges for Instagram and Pinterest ready nails

  • how to tell the difference between synthetic and real diamond bits

Whew! That was a lot of education! I hope you enjoyed the glimpse into the Saturday offering at ONE and it gives you an idea of what you could expect from attending.

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