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Wildflowers Triple Threat at Oregon Nail Expo

Updated: May 17, 2022

The Oregon Nail Expo known as ONE is celebrating it's 10th Anniversary this year. Wildflowers owner and creator, Lauren Wireman, opted to teach a three day series of classes coined the Triple Threat. The classes consisted of structure on day 1, art on day 2, and business on day 3. Since hers was the only class being offered Friday, I was able to get some photos and notes for one of her demos as well as the general fun vibe of the class. Attendees were clearly having a great time!

Inked Floral Demo

  • start with a white gel base

  • apply matte top coat

  • drop some ink dots while singing

  • create flowers with white painting gel (used copper vegan brush in demo)

  • apply metallic top coat

  • apply matte top coat

  • lightly add some dark ink to the center of the petals

  • do the next layer of white petals

  • use black gel paint to create a center (used indigo brush in demo)

  • create details around the black center and slightly along the petal edges with white gel paint (used magenta brush in demo)

  • apply metallic top coat

The vegan brushes that were used in class boasted synthetic sable hair which have the benefit of more consistent shape and spring because it's made of high grade nylon. This means there are less wild hairs! The brushes are best cleaned in the matte top coat because it pulls the pigment into itself due to being a suspension base gel. The colors of the vegan brushes mostly correspond with the colors of the kolinsky art brushes. They come in a handy case! I picked one up so you'll be seeing my thoughts on them in the future.

Wildflowers has the Triple Threat class coming up again in Georgia as well as a Master Artist week being offered in Florida. You can find more details on those classes on their website Wildflowers Nail Shop.

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