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Oregon's O.N.E. Celebrates 10 Years!

Oregon Nail Expo logo

The Oregon Nail Expo also known as O.N.E. will be celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. Held in Portland, Oregon the event has become a beloved networking event along the east coast. The event itself is a mini tradeshow that includes a send in nail competition on Sunday, then you have the option of adding on classes to the surrounding days if you would like to fly in early or fly out later. I've had my eye on this event for years and just not had the budget or schedule availability to make it. This year I prioritized it and am so excited to see what the buzz is all about. If you missed it live, visit Instagram for the replay of my interview with O.N.E. director Kristen Dutcher, where we talk about what to expect as a first time attendee, how to get a VIP ticket, what vendors and classes you can expect and more!

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