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Planning Travel for 2022

It is time to start laying out a game plan for travel in 2022. I would love to go to every single networking event and education opportunity there is as I am sure many of you would!

The reality is we have to budget and pick and chose what we can do on our budget with our time. For me it is as much about education as it is about networking. The coverage I can get of the events to share with you as my readers is the payoff. After paying for a plane ticket, hotel, and event ticket, the return on investment is hopefully your enjoyment of the coverage.

There are so many different amazing events to attend. What I look for is a positive experience, if it is a small networking event it's important for the event to be a judgement free zone with a professional presence on social media. Everyone should be made to feel welcome from the smallest distributor to the most inexperienced nail professional and the largest manufacturer to the veteran nail diva, with the understanding that not every event is in the budget for everyone.

Photos a) ONE in Oregon educational opportunities b) ONE in Oregon educational opportunities c) Famous Names Products booth at Premiere Orlando

Look at the events and how they might suit your personality. If what to wear stresses you out, go to Nail Camp where t-shirts and jeans or comfy pants in some fashion are the standard and education is king. If you prefer to go a little glam and show off your matching salon gear or get a little business professional while seeing a wide range of companies in spa and nails then try Premiere Orlando. Feeling somewhere in between? Then take a look at ONE in Oregon, FunFancy Nails events in Massachusetts, UNC Nail Expo in Utah, or the Nailpro Nail Show in California. If you feel there is something missing from the list, please feel free to add it to the comments below!

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