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Let's Look at Monday Education for Oregon's ONE

After classes Thursday through Saturday and a tradeshow Sunday, Monday is your final opportunity for classes. Let's take a look in each classroom and see what kind of information the attendees are getting!

Luminary Certification with Tara Robinson

Shine Nail Center

  • a structured manicure is an overlay with structure built in for strength

  • the brand is Luminary, the product is called Multi Flex Gel

  • the gel is hard like acrylic, flexible like gel and soakable

  • the base and builder have been combined into one product that comes in clear and colors

  • the label base on the bottle does not mean base coat, it means the base is built into the gel

  • anything you can do with hard gel you can do with multi flex gel with the exception of extreme nails

  • When using a hybrid style gel polish, apply the matching base coat over the Luminary to eliminate the chances of discoloration of the gel polish from the multi flex gel

Electric Filing Class with Lysa Comfort

Charisma Nail Innovations

  • Lysa discusses the speed to use with the bit and understanding ranges of speed

  • how to remove product from the skin without hurting the skin

  • showed micro triple fine bits

  • demo on how to blend tips with an e-file using a medium sanding band without touching the natural nail

  • Lysa will be launching online training soon, keep an eye on

  • She will also be doing online courses with Anna Wesolowska, those will be available at

Blue Amber Nails 3D Gel Nail Art Workshop with Anna Wesolowska

  • demo of a braid/sweater look with bullion accents including tricks for picking up the bullions and keeping them secure on the nail

  • Anna also showed how to create an abstract marble look that could then be used to create jewelry inspired designs on the nail

  • tip - do not mix polish or gel polish into the 3D gel or it changes the consistency and workability

Johens Mixed Media with Henrietta Almasi

  • use natural inspiration

  • give life to your design by pulling together the pieces of the composition

  • how to scale the design to the nail for what you are imagining

  • how to use the space and create harmony in a free form design

Just sitting in this class for fifteen minutes to grab some photos and notes for you to read made my #naileyes happy. It also made my nail soul sing. She has the gift of an artist that can see nail art in everything around her as well as interpret it into a tutorial for others in the most beautiful way. I'm adding Henrietta to my must follow list!

Wildflowers Trend Art with Lauren Wireman


  • demos with the copper vegan brush using some alcohol to spread gel paint into feathery petals

  • try not to let the petals touch each other as you make them

  • the ash gel polishes make great backgrounds for florals

  • to make tiny stems or other lines that need to be thin and semi sheer, dilute your gel polish with a little top coat

  • this stunning design began with dots and lines

Onyfix and PODOExpert with Lisa Ann Bowles

  • product knowledge on PODOExpert

  • discussion of involuted, pincer, and ingrown toenails - what is and is not within our scope of practice

  • causes and treatments

  • we can correct severely turned in toenails

  • going through an explanation of Onyfix and the Mechanism of action

Akzentz Real World Nails with Jessica Briarmoon


  • use outshine as a base for your stamping when you need a non sticky surface

  • apply a sticky polish to the stamping plate

  • scrape, pick up, and apply like normal

  • wait a couple seconds for it to dry

  • apply transfer foil

  • apply top coat one nail at a time, alternate hands back and forth (the outshine is slick your topcoat will pit if you don't cure it quickly)

  • Jessica also showed tips for working with crystals and making them stay

Just because it's Monday and everyone is tired doesn't mean the education quality dwindled at all. These classes were still top notch, the educators just as passionate as they were in the days before and attendees just as excited. This event is definitely a gem in nail networking!

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