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Why Take My Stamping Class?

Many nail professionals have messaged me to say, “ I already know how to do nail stamping, why should I take your stamping class?”. Luckily the answer is simple, to make more money! I created the advanced stamping class to cover some troubleshooting and basics so that normal one color stamping becomes consistently effortless, then show how to build on the basics to double your income.

Once the once color stamping is easy, advanced stamping becomes an option. Did you know that you can use your stamped designs to create an easy encapsulated cabochon look? Do you have foil and chrome hanging out in your nail drawers? They can be incorporated into your stamping repertoire! This means the design just became worth twice as much and took on a whole new look.

Reverse stamping or painted in stamping, is another style of design that gives the look of a hand painted design in a fraction of the time. It allows those that may not have the skill set, steady hand, or time to craft hand painted intricate art to offer the service and charge more that simple stamping.

Stamping can also be used to create the foundation of sugaring or 3D styles saving time while increasing income by adding on the additional art medium. The beauty of the Advanced Stamping Class is that it is only a two hour class and gives you back the foundation for a lifetime of ideas and increased income. Don't hesitate to let me know if you have additional questions about the class!

Did you know if you order from using the code FNFFREAKS you save 10% on your entire order!

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