Unboxing Maniology

Nail mail is like Christmas, just so much fun! The excitement of opening a package and discovering fun new things as you pull them out one by one. This time up for review is a package of goodies from Maniology. Many of you may remember Bundle Monster, I know I have several nail goodies in my stash from them. Bundle Monster rebranded in 2018 to better reflect their passion as a company to Maniology,

Known for their high quality stamping plates, they have moved into stamping polishes, different sizes and styles of stampers, and more. Take a look with me at what they've sent, hear what I think as I give it a play over the coming months and if you're curious, try some for yourself!

Get your own stamping starter kit with an additional 10% off by using my code: FNFFREAKS https://maniology.com/stamp

I do receive a small commission when you use my code which will go into video production to keep more free videos coming your way.

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