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Aerovex Whisper Sound Check

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

One of my biggest, yet most exciting purchases of the year has been my Aerovex Whisper. I had been researching source capture machines for the last year since I had gotten brave enough to finally start using my Kupa Manipro Passport in the salon on actual clients. Once my questions of fellow professionals, Doug Schoon, and research landed me at Aerovex I was ready to make the commitment on the machine, just not quite ready with my wallet. When my wallet was ready, COVID hit and the main units were back-ordered.

Going back to the salon post COVID closure, not only did I want to solve the dust issue, now I wanted to offer a safe space when it came to the breathing zone for my clients. Determined that Aerovex was my first pick, I started looking around the website and discovered the Whisper on the page for lash artists. Not only was it a little smaller, which was ideal for my space, the specs and suction looked great since I only did gel and natural nails anyway.

Once the Whisper arrived, the poor thing had been damaged during shipping. Aerovex immediately replaced it with phenomenal customer service that really impressed me. The new base unit arrived very quickly and was super easy to set up (I've got a video on my to do list for you). The biggest requests I've gotten from everyone are videos on the sound. Here are a few different videos to show you suction and sound!

The first two videos are simply suction of gel polish being e-filed off at 50% suction. One is on a white background and one is on a black background. The third video walks you though each of the steps 50%-100%, giving you the chance to hear the difference compared to my e-file running and judge the sound for yourself. If you want to browse the Aerovex website click HERE.


The Aerovex crew is swamped since COVID so please click the LINK and scroll to the big blue bar that says Book Your Free Consultation and click on it to schedule a call. They are super helpful about configuring up your space, and HVAC needs, they love talking to salon professionals and don't want to miss calls and emails. Since they're also servicing other industries the booking is necessary for everyone to make sure each customer gets the one on one time they like to give!

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