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Are You Ready to Travel?

Trade shows and networking were an integral part of the industry pre-COVID and personally I am jonesing for the interaction and comradery that accompany the education they bring. The sticky part of all of that post COVID is the travel. Are you ready to travel to get to where the education is that comes with all the great networking and so much more or does it feel like an obstacle course of germs and danger that could cripple your livelihood?

Let me know in the comments if you are ready to travel, what kind of travel you are up for. Is air travel looking ok knowing that it is federally mandated for all passengers to wear masks in an airplane and at the airport? How about train or bus travel? Anyone down to drive, if so how many hours are you willing to put in on the road?

Class attendees standing around educator at a nail table.
Are you ready to travel to classes yet?

For the rest of you are you looking at digital education? Have you attended a digital class yet or a digital trade show? Several manufacturers have had digital trade shows and there has been a plethora of classes online that have been complimentary and paid. How did you feel about the online education you attended?

The future is potentially going to be heavier on the digital or at least a hybrid embrace of in person and digital now that both sides have enjoyed the cost savings of eliminated travel and product shipment, then there's the whole COVID closure of the many businesses that relied on trade shows for income that no longer exist to meet the needs of some things so expenses will be higher to meet the demand. Our choices now are fine tuning the shape of that future.

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