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Does the Lamp Really Matter?

It's the question we ask ourselves, the question we ask the manufacturers and the most important thing about gel polish and gel safety. If we are not properly curing the product it can lead to onycholysis, overexposure, and service breakdown issues. None of these things are pleasant and all of them are avoidable if we know and understand the science.

After using the same brand for over twenty years I feel like a student again in a lot of ways. One of those ways is testing and trying out other products to see how they work and if I like them. You get things in swag bags and want to see what they're like, right!? After seeing on social media how everyone talks about using one lamp for everything and it works just fine for them, it gets hard not to question in your mind if the science you have been taught and that you teach is reality or marketing.

In comes the product experimenting and testing. Through personal use of other products in my one lamp, I could clearly see there were some performance issues that should not be there. By using the knowledge I already had in place via Doug Schoon and his books, I did know that I should be using the lamp that was created to go with the products unless the company stated otherwise. Sometimes, we like to learn the hard way anyway (more than once) because we are stubborn, independent people!

Enjoy this fun interview from the ONE while I was in Portland with Jim McConnell, of Light Elegance, where he highlights some of the why.

Then check out these great Chemist Corner videos that go further in depth explaining the science of why. Don't just take my word for it, geek out!

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