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Face Shield Disinfection

Face shields are a current reality in many salons. While they are a handy alternative to the giant "sneeze guard" that takes up a chunk of table retail and makes maneuvering the hands difficult, one drawback is keeping them clear after disinfection.

Official protocol from Virox is to spray them with the diluted Rejuvenate concentrate for best results to reduce chances of streaking. If you only have wipes on hand and are making the 60 second contact time work for you, then here is a workaround that will keep your shield shiny and see through, the trick is SOFT cloths that don't scratch it.

Product used in this video:

Soft Landings Towels cut into fourths

Medline Pink Pearl Gloves from CJ Centre for Beauty

How to apply Swarovski to your face shield

Disinfectant Wipes- Rejuvenate from

Virox Pro Beauty Canada

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