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Family Foot Massages in the Ozarks

What's a nail professional to do faced with a family reunion in the Ozarks, when you already have cute toes for the trip? Get a foot massage of course! With my mom and sister living in Texas, we don't exactly get to take trips to the spa together on the regular. This made it an extra awesome treat to venture into the Driftwood Spa and Salon at Margaritaville Lake Resort, Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri.

We all had foot massages booked and it was a full service treatment right from walking in the door. Greeted by a friendly receptionist, you have the option of choosing to change into a spa robe or remain in your street clothes. Then she takes you to hang out in the relaxation room after doing the due diligence of paperwork. The relaxation room is a beautiful space with drinks, snacks, and comfortable spaces to await your service.

The massage therapists then come to take us to the rooms where massage tables await in beautifully appointed spaces that touch the senses from visual to scent. An eye mask is applied, a consistently excellent foot massage was performed, and even the check out felt like a VIP experience. It was a refreshing break in the midst of a bustling vacation that we all thoroughly enjoyed.

As service providers, it is always important to remember to acquire services for ourselves now and then! While your time has value, so do you, take care of yourself!

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