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Getting Permanent Make-up

Having dreamt of getting permanent eyeliner for years, how could I not make it a teachable moment and take you along for the ride? Dual licensed nail professional and esthetician, Sue Burke of Touch of Bliss in DeWitt, Iowa, was the best choice for the job as far as I am concerned. Knowing her for years as a nail professional, before she added a second license, I was confident that her disinfection and attention to detail would be top notch.

Starting at the consultation, join me during my appointment and see how the process works. This could be helpful to you - if you have ever considered doing permanent make-up, if you want to get permanent make-up done, or if you've just heard of it and are curious. Sue is kind enough to give a lot of great information for estheticians that would like to add this service to their menu. She mentions things that are important to include in your consultation, tips on making sure someone is properly numb in prep, needle usage and sizing, along with many other important details to being safe and successful.

The procedure was a two part process, the first application needing to heal before the second is applied. I drove three hours one way to have appointments with Sue, that's how important a quality service was to me. When she explains some of the things that can happen if the procedure is done incorrectly, you will understand why!

Below are photos of before, after the first appointment, and after the second appointment. I'm really excited about how my eyes are a much more dominant feature on my face now and the eyeliner won't run when I sweat at a class or tradeshow!

Feel free to leave questions for myself or Sue as well as share this with anyone that might benefit from the knowledge.

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