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Onyfix Training

Continuing to evolve and grow as nail professionals is a critical part of our survival and the renewal of passion for what we do. When you start to think you know everything and become stagnant in your position it is difficult to remain excited everyday and experience the joy in your work you discovered back in the beginning. It also prevents you from offering solutions to your clients as new technology emerges.

In the pursuit of offering more to my clientele that struggle with toenail issues, I opted to get certified in Onyfix so that I could begin offering it in the salon. I liked the idea that it helped the toenail grow out along its intended channels instead of applying torque in ways that could lead to other issues which just traded one problem for another.

There was an introductory class that was complimentary to watch giving an introduction to the product and offering an understanding of what it would do. Then you could opt in to purchase the full education and product kit for class and salon use. I'm looking forward to seeing what it will do for client's toes over the winter as they grow. My class model is very happy with the instant relief she was able to experience from an involuted toenail, which was a great experience.

What are some new things you have tried or been curious about trying lately?

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