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Gifting Nail Services

Nail services can make a great gift! You can offer to do your sister's nails and toes for her wedding, the whole bridal party, an Aunt's nails, a cousin and so on into the infinity of family. The key is to know how to present your service as a gift and feel appreciated.

Family as Clients

Don't cut corners on the service. Even if you have to go on location, make sure you are still upholding all your normal professional standards of new files for each person, clean tools, and treat the service the way you would treat a client service when it comes to the application and cleanliness.

Consultation Consultation Consultation

Brides are the same even when you share DNA, they want things to be perfect and they have a vision for their wedding day. Just because you are related does not mean you should try to push your artistic vision of nails a little harder. If you disagree with the nail choice, bite your tongue, it is the wedding day of their dreams and that includes the nails. If you want to choose the nail design, do a photo shoot for wedding nails and post it on your social media to inspire others to choose ideas that you have crafted!

Gifting Your Services

In the wedding card, include a gift card with the full service total that has an expiration date of "services rendered". It's pretty impressive when you have done nails/toes for the bride and groom and your gift in the card is $150-250 depending on the services. This allows them to understand the value of your gift when they are opening $20-40 gift cards from friends and family. When doing the wedding party, a gift certificate of hundreds of dollars for services can really make the bride feel special and loved.

These steps ensure the wedding party gets the full value of your amazing services so they know where to go if they haven't experienced your services before. Havig the bride understand the value of what you have given helps you feel appreciated and less like "the help", more like you gave a very valuable gift, since you have, and keeps the family peace!

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