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Jimmygel is up to bat!

Typical of the schooling experience, I’ve been distracted! Jimmygel caught my eye on the Light Elegance website while browsing through things after “class” one day and it seems like something I needed to try. Having visited the Light Elegance YouTube channel and gathered the information they have put out on it, it was time to take it for a test drive in the salon and even at home on my daughter who is the toughest person on nails that I know.

My personal preference is not to buff nails, especially with a 100 grit file, it is just a hang up I have after seeing the natural nail magnified in Doug Schoon’s presentations having been filed with the different grits of files. This means I did apply a thin layer of Famous Names Boost base coat and Boost gel to the nails before using the Jimmygel so that I could skip the buffing step.

Now comes the Jimmygel. First test is viscosity, it comes out of the bottle easily, I am not fighting it out of the bottle, nor is it running off the brush. Then using the nifty trick I learned while in “class” at Light Elegance University, on goes a nice thin layer of the gel, left wet, then small dots or dollups applied down the spine or center. I did shot a video of this and literally wait and watch one nail so you could see for yourself how it magically melts into place for you.

The beauty of this for me was the lack of an extreme exothermic reaction! If you have played with other builders in a bottle, you know how hot they can get. While we have been lead to believe that it is impossible to make a builder in a bottle that doesn’t involve pain, looks like this simply isn’t true. If you do get some exotherm, simply sculpt a little thinner, you can see in the video I am giving it a decent build in one layer for a build in a bottle.

The video is going to give you a side view in addition to the front view as well as how to remove some excess gel. The viscosity is amazing, the lack of serious pain via exotherm is shocking, and the speed with which I could whip through and do an overlay on some bitten nails was pleasantly surprising.

This product deserves some more exploring and I plan to delve into it more and get back to you with future experiments. Please leave your questions, comments or experiences below!

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