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Light Elegance University

This playing with new products thing is pretty fun! I missed out on it as a student and am fully immersing myself in it wholeheartedly now. Could I be having a midlife nail crisis?!? lol I am going to be 45 in November. Whatever you chalk it up to, the winner at the end of the day is you, because I am exploring these products inside and out.

The next thing up is Light Elegance. This is more than just a product. It is a system and an education program rolled up together. It isn't something that I want to just start trying to do on nails without any education at all and wing it because that could lead to accidental damage or reactions. The education is an important component when enhancements are involved. Light Elegance is renowned for their gels, I'm not trying to heat spike or under-cure anyone.

I have enrolled in Light Elegance University and plan to work my way all the way through from beginning to end, no short cuts. Today I learned a technique in the beginning segment called 101: The LE Total Tour, that blew my mind and it made me so happy I could hardly stand it! This is why you should always continue to take classes for as long as you continue to work. When you decide that you know everything, it is time to retire.

The 101 is a really great introduction to the products and the techniques that you will need to be successful with the line. The videos are shot from a good angle with a clear view of the nail. The videos are real and not over marketed, it doesn't feel like someone went to town on them with editing software, it feels like they are real nails done by a real person, setting realistic goals that are achievable and believable to the viewer.

The only thing that I could find that made me cringe was the shine removal with a 100 grit file. It was emphasized to do this very gently so that is a plus. I would personally be inclined to substitute in Boost from Famous Names to avoid buffing the nail at all, I'm just a geek that way. That is not really even a con to be honest, it is just a personal preference of mine, more because the vast majority of people can not file gently and quickly at the same time and the greater focus seems to be speed.

Upon completion of the 101 segment of LEU (Light Elegance University), I felt that even as a seasoned nail professional I learned a few things that will be very helpful. It is definitely broken down well enough for anyone at any level to come away with something. I even ended up needing to pause one of the videos so I could order a few things from the video before I forgot! Anyone ever done that before? I'm excited to start playing with some Light Elegance products, keep an eye out for future blogs, there will be some videos, photos, and blogs with info on what I try and how it goes!

I've started into segment 201 of LEU and the hands on portion is coming up. I am going to have to get my nails graded. It has been a day or two since I turned nails in for a grade!

What are your thoughts on Light Elegance? They seem to be rooted in science so it was a logical choice to me for a product to test out. What questions do you have or products would you like to see me test?

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