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Sitting on the floor to work on every clients feet is clearly not good ergonomics. Not to mention what it does to your ankles and behind! Yet there are those in your personal life or maybe even very long term in the salon that make it to the point they can no longer get into the pedicure chair and in some cases into the salon.

For these people we find ourselves sitting on the floor. This is something you do out of love, its awkward, it is difficult as you yourself get older, and it makes getting to the toes a little trickier. What the purpose of this blog is, was for sharing tips among those of us that have hit the floor to make it easier for those that may have that time coming or maybe with each other, there could be something we haven't thought of yet that will make it a little easier.

My tip:

If you are going to a nursing home or assisted living, take a clean trash bag, you can then use folded blankets and the pillow to put in the trash bag and sit on them so the cement tile floor is slightly less hard on your butt and back while you work.

Please share your tips below, from how to transport tools to how to position yourself, everything is fair game!

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